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We are pleased to introduce our car park & wash service at Phuket airport, a fantastic facility where you can wash your car, scooter or motorbike at competitive prices with high-quality equipment. If you are looking for a secure place to park your vehicle and want the parking area to be not only spacious but also strategically located, then you should consider our Crystal Car Park & Wash at Phuket airport.

Crystal Car Parking & Wash at Phuket Airport

Services & Price Offered by Our Car Parking & Wash Service at Phuket Airport

Our shop, a car care service center, offers cutting-edge car cleaning services using advanced technology and approved products. Situated in the Phuket Airport area, the atmosphere is pleasant. Inside the shop, there is a comfortable lounge for our customers. Additionally, there is ample space for customer parking, ensuring confidence and trust in matters of safety. Our services encompass a range of options, starting from basic car cleaning to removing wrinkles, cleaning asphalt stains, and rain stains from both cars and motorcycles. We cater to vehicles of all sizes, providing comprehensive cleaning for both the interior and exterior, including the engine compartment, suspension, and maintenance services. Our commitment is to ensure a radiant finish at every step, thanks to our team of experienced and professional technicians who utilize high-efficiency equipment. We strive to deliver the best possible results and care for your vehicle. We boast an experienced team equipped with modern tools to meticulously prepare your car. Our process begins with a thorough wash using creamy foam, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning. Prior to painting, we take special care to eliminate deep stains without compromising the integrity of the car’s paint or causing it to thin. Our aim is to ready the customer’s car for a flawless paint coating.

Our exterior paint coating services adhere to the highest standards, employing body coating products known for their quality and compliance. This ensures that the coating is not only standard and safe but also guarantees the utmost shine. At our shop, we utilize a unique formula for our exterior paint coating products, specifically designed to give your car a perpetually shiny, clean, and new appearance.
We are a carefully selected and sought-after car park & wash service, for cars, scooters and motorbikes. Our services not only include automatic car washing but also parking, as we have a large space that accommodates numerous vehicles and two-wheelers.
You can wash your car with a reliable, cost-effective, and interesting service in terms of the quality of our equipment. We provide automatic washing and cleaning services for both the exterior (body) and interior, including upholstery vacuuming and interior fragrance. We pay close attention to both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that our machines are perfectly functional and clean both the exterior and interior of vehicles.
Moreover, one of the interesting features of our car park & wash is the opportunity to park your car or motorcycle in a spacious parking area near the airport, ensuring safety and quality.

To instill confidence in our services, we conduct a comprehensive examination of the car’s condition before proceeding with washing, pressing, and spraying. At each stage, our team meticulously inspects the vehicle, checking for marks and detailing potential areas of concern, such as susceptibility to stone flakes that may cause damage. Before initiating the cleaning process, we communicate any identified issues to our customers, ensuring transparency and trust.
Our team guarantees a high standard of washing, pressing, and spraying services, demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of your beloved car. Customers are welcome to participate in the inspection process, examining marks alongside our team or pointing out specific areas of concern. In cases where customer convenience is a priority, we conduct a detailed vehicle inspection and share inspection pictures, conveniently communicating with customers via social media. Our shop is dedicated to offering comprehensive services to all customers, prioritizing the satisfaction and convenience of every vehicle owner.
We take pride in meticulously washing, compressing, and spraying both the body and undercarriage of your cherished vehicle. Our goal is to eliminate stubborn stains, including sand, mud, soot, and various hard-to-clean dirt that may be lodged under the car. At every step, our dedicated team employs a high-pressure water system, targeting areas with persistent stains to ensure their effective removal without causing damage to your car’s paint.

To maximize cleaning efficiency, we utilize Creamy Foam (Power Foam Premium Car Wash) in the washing process. This unique formula, applied by our team of expert technicians, proves instrumental in removing grease, mud, soot, and dust. The foam is sprayed comprehensively over the car’s body, specifically targeting areas with stubborn dirt. As the foam interacts with dirt, it reduces adhesion, making the subsequent cleaning process more effective. Importantly, it is designed not to harm the car’s paint or the film layer of paint coating. The special innovation within the foam guarantees a trace-free finish on your vehicle, leaving it not only thoroughly cleaned but also remarkably shiny.
The engine compartment is a crucial area that demands special attention due to the intricacies of the engine’s operating system, which includes oil as a component. This can lead to the presence of oil stains in the engine compartment, along with dust stains from the road splashing up, resulting in a layer of dust. Cleaning this area poses challenges, as it requires careful consideration of the engine components. Our process includes protective measures for parts susceptible to water damage or humidity. Additionally, our team is equipped with specialized tools to effectively remove stubborn stains.
We use a specific type of liquid designed for cleaning engines, capable of removing persistent stains while adding a glossy finish to make the engine compartment appear like new. Our cleaning services extend to the engine compartment, recognized as the heart of your cherished vehicle. We prioritize the care of our customers’ cars, ensuring they remain attractive, beautiful, and gleaming from every angle at all times.

Car, Scooter, Motorbike and Pickup Parking Area at Phuket Airport for 100 Baht per Day

Where to Find Crystal Car Parking & Wash Service at Phuket Airport

The location of Crystal Car Park & Wash is strategic, as we are situated near Phuket airport. This means you can come to wash your vehicle at any time, whether you’ve just left the rental center or during your travels. Weather conditions like rain and wind can soil your car’s exterior, making a quick and efficient service essential. You can find us at the following address:

8, T.Maikhao, 8 A, Tambon Mai Khao,
Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand.

If you want information about the equipment used, the fragrances, or the products inside our cleaning machines, you can contact us directly with WhatsApp.

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safe parking place and fast wash service

Samsung Sasa Avatar Samsung Sasa
March 1, 2024

price is not expensive

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March 28, 2024

Conveniently access dependable car parking and washing services near the airport, ensuring your vehicle receives top-notch care while you travel

Zm W Avatar Zm W
March 31, 2024

Отличная мойка. Моют хорошо. Ценна адекватная

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March 1, 2024

ล้างรถสะอาด รวดเร็ว เยี่ยม

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March 1, 2024

Good place for parking, clean and fast service

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March 1, 2024

Park Car, Scooter and Motorbike and Clean them Effectively at Phuket Airport

There are various reasons to clean a car or motorcycle, from regular maintenance to ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, especially after leaving the rental center near the airport. Our automatic machines make cleaning quick and easy, addressing the importance of speed, especially when on vacation. Dirt and insects can damage the body over time, so it’s advisable not to let dust and dirt ruin the aesthetics. Washing and rinsing correctly with high-quality products are crucial. For motorcycle owners, remember to close the exhausts to prevent any adverse effects on the system. Additionally, use soft microfiber cloths to avoid damaging the body and glass. Microfiber cloths absorb more water than traditional cloths, speeding up the drying and cleaning process without leaving scratches. If you’re trying to remove dead insects and mud that may have been on the body for a while, let the cleaning product sit for a few minutes before rinsing. This allows the dirt to be released more quickly without the risk of damage.