Parking Service 24 Hours at Phuket Airport for Cars, Scooters, Motorbikes and all the Vehicles

Parking Service.  There is a pick up and drop off service to the airport. Car can be stored 24 hours a day, with security personnel and CCTV.

1. You can leave the keys with the car. We do not touch customers’ cars at the shop and we take good care of them. I asked why they had to give me the keys. One, the shop needed to move in and out to arrange the car on any given day. Another customer came first. People who parked first cannot leave.

2. When the customer arrives at the airport, the company will wait to pick you up at the airport exit gate. And take you back to get your car parked in the parking lot, pay right there. for convenience We can take pictures and report. Safety matters for you to have peace of mind on both sides In the case that the customer Please leave the key. The shop will not force that. Keys must be kept for every vehicle that comes to be rented. Our shop will depend on the comfort of the customer.

Price: Parking for all types of cars is 100 baht/day.

Please do not leave valuables in the car. The store is not responsible for lost property.