Exterior Paint of the Car at the Airport of Phuket

Car coating is renowned for its ability to enhance the car’s shine and prevent the long-term dulling of its color. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the car’s paint, ensuring it doesn’t deteriorate too rapidly over time. The protective nature of car coating becomes evident when considering its defense against […]

Wheel Arch Coating, Rubber Coating of the Car at Phuket Airport

Wheel arch coating, rubber coating

While the entire car may not shine equally, the wheels often steal the spotlight. Wheel arches, in particular, are considered a focal point for car enthusiasts. Those passionate about cars, including outsiders, often inquire about the care given to wheel arches and tires. No matter how stunning alloy wheels may be, if the car tires […]

Glass Coating of the Car at the Airport of Phuket

Glass Coating Hero

The car maintenance expert strongly recommends this service, which involves a modest investment of just tens of thousands to safeguard your car’s paint and maintain its shine. This goes beyond mere aesthetics, as the process creates a protective film layer, preventing minor stone chips and enhancing the durability of the car’s body paint. The longevity […]

Polishing the Lamp of the Car at Phuket Airport

Polishing the lamp

This service helps save costs on lamp replacements by restoring the lamps to their original white and bright condition. The enhanced brightness of the lights not only improves visibility but also enhances the overall appearance of the car. The restored lamps give the vehicle a fresh and standout look, preventing it from appearing old and […]

Change the Water Filter of the Car at the Airport of Phuket

Primarily in the Thalang airport area, there is a scarcity of car garages. In response, I’ve conceived the idea of offering minor services. We have a team of technicians readily available to assist, particularly with taxis that are in a hurry to resume work. This saves time for drivers who would otherwise have to travel […]

Clean Carpets and Upholstery of the Car at the Airport of Phuket

Clean Carpets and Upholstery Hero

For vehicles with heavy internal use, the shop recommends washing the cushions to ensure the health of customers who utilize them. This helps reduce the amount of dust inside the cabin. The handles on old car seats may become invisible due to wear. In the bustling world of automotive care, our car wash shop stands […]

Nano Coating of the Car at the Airport of Phuket

Nano Coating Hero

Our nano-coating enhances the paint’s shine, making it eye-catching. Additionally, it provides a degree of protection for the car’s paint, making it easier to wash in the future. This coating creates a thin film layer on the car, adding an extra level of protection. In the fast-paced world of automotive care, Nano Coating stands as […]

Polish the Paint to Remove Cat Hair Marks from the Car at Phuket Airport

Polish the paint to remove cat hair marks

Many people assume that a car with numerous scratches inevitably requires repainting. However, in reality, a mechanic evaluates each car individually to determine whether the scratches that can be polished away. Through proper polishing techniques, scratches that are not too deep can be effectively removed, eliminating the need for repainting. After polishing, the car regains […]

Remove Asphalt from the Car at Phuket Airport

Removing asphalt not only enhances the overall cleanliness of the car but also serves as a protective measure for the paint. The appearance of the car is significantly improved, maintaining a clean and polished look. Excessive accumulation of asphalt can lead to its absorption into the paint, potentially resulting in a waste of time when […]